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So I’ve decided on a bit of an ambitious undertaking, by starting the 2014 Pagan Blog Project. Hopefully this encourages me to really think, really write, and to really get my brain engaged when it comes to paganism and its meaning to me. Essentially, every other week (or possibly twice in one two-week period, if I feel ambitious), I’ll be posting an entry with a topic starting with a specific letter (the PBP goes through the entire alphabet, alphabetically), beginning with A. Topics must be something concerning paganism, spirituality, magic, etc. So we’ll see how this goes! I’ve been an awful blogger in the past, so perhaps this is finally the motivator.

God Candles

2013-12-16 16.45.06

I’ve been struggling for a while with the concept of images for the Gods within my practice; while I constantly have an image of Quetzalcoatl over my home shrine, often, when I invoke other deities, I don’t have images of them to include upon the altar. A good friend of mine, Caer, showed me a fantastic post at Mountain, Path, and Pool where the author utilized vellum paper on 7-day pillar candles to create “living” images. I decided that this would be a fantastic idea, and that I would make quite a few images for various gods to be used during different rituals and festivals.

At the craft shop I picked up two glass jars for pillar candles (its important that they’re flame safe), vellum paper, and tall white pillar candles. I printed off scaled, traditional images of the gods I would be drawing (I’ve started with Huitzilopochtli, since I will be celebrating Panquetzaliztli during the Winter Solstice, and Quetzalcoatl, who is my patron), and traced their images with a fine-point black inkpen onto the vellum. Wrapped around the glass jars, and secured with clear tape that won’t damage the vellum, they’re able to go on and off and be changed with the seasons.When it came to actually using the candles, I’ve been using tealights instead; I find they illuminate the images much more beautifully.

Eventually, I’d like to create a vessel in which offerings can be made specifically to a God’s image – for now however, these, accompanied by my firepot offering bowl (with lid in photo) and the clay offering pot (back in photo) will suffice. The Gods seem satisfied with my creation!

Welcome to Nahualli!

For those of you who haven’t been here before, welcome! For those that have, you will certainly be noticing a few changes – for one, I’ve made a completely custom layout for the blog, meaning that I can have a lot more control over how things look, and where things go (not to mention layout-making is fun stuff). Additionally, you’ll notice that all the previous Nahualli posts have been deleted; I’ve been driven by the Gods to start this blog afresh, and to make it a resource, and documentation of my journey as I continue to develop my path of Aztec Paganism. I’ve created multiple categories for things I’d like to write about, and, Gods willing, I should have some information in there soon.

It seems that I’ve been inspired, now, to really bare down on creating a path that is my own and to explore the Aztec cosmos. Of course, if you find that any of the information or practices from my own path posted here is useful to you, please do use, and modify them! Comments will always be open on posts (and will be pending approval, due to previous issues with spam), and I encourage you to give me your feedback. As always, my email is open as well (visit the Contact page to send me a message).

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